I am a contextual intermedia artist using audio, video, sculpture, space, text, duration and gesture to realize installations that examine, consider and sometimes subvert the interactions of and between humans, as well as between humans and non-humans. My work investigates not only the oppositional tensions I perceive between public and private; infinite and ephemeral; organic and plastic; harmony and discord; work and leisure; and the sublimity of the quotidian, but also–and perhaps most importantly–the overlap of undefined spaces between these oppositions. From these themes, a tempo and kinetic energy evolve, often via human gestures of unnatural duration or scale.
I am interested in those patterns and actions found in nature, which are used as frameworks for human-crafted systems of organization. Philosophical concepts, power dynamics, and social constructs and their tools also inform my practice. I use their thematic dialogues as a means to activate objects and spaces, creating environments that offer viewers opportunity to alter how they experience (elements of) life. These opportunities may arise from actual or perceived kinesthetic engagement, or through other sensory activations. 
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