I am a contextual intermedia artist using technology, handcraft, language, duration and gesture to realize installations that examine, consider and sometimes subvert the interactions of- and between humans, as well as between humans and non-humans (nature, architecture, technology, objects, etc)  as I probe the complex of human perception and its changing relationship to technological convergence, often through a lens of cultural identity questioning.
     Of great interest are those patterns and actions of nature, which are used as frameworks for human-crafted systems of organization, and include philosophical concepts (how we think), social structures (how we connect) and hegemonic dynamics (how we distribute power). Drawn to the tensions between what is public and what is private–in our individual lives and in the world–I am also keenly interested in how we move through and between these spaces, as well as the roles our tools and technology play in shaping, defining and confining these experiences (ie. language, social media, cameras, the clock, dumb gizmos and smart devices). Working from these themes as points of departure, I seek to activate objects and spaces, creating environments that offer to viewers opportunity to alter how  we experience (elements of) life. These opportunities may arise from actual or perceived kinesthetic engagement, or through other sensory activations.
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