Artist Statement

A contextual intermedia artist, I combine various forms of media/technology, handcraft, object and gesture to construct unnatural environments and experimental situations. I am interested in how we move our bodies through time and space, and why. What interactions and energetic transferences occur? How might I use, invert or underscore the actions and reactions in a situation? My goal is to create work that invites change; in particular, a new rhythm, a new way of relating to both the biosphere and the infosphere.

I work across materials such as steel, found objects, textiles, technology, language, sound, image (photo/video) and organic matter in response to readings and observations. The body—both my own and those of others—with its capacity to sense, emote and move is a frequent material. I use performative actions and gestures that may be documented or performed live in a space, be it public or private. In addition to working with the body, I create sculptures and situations for the public to navigate. These often incorporate or rely on sound or video elements. Sometimes there may be participation or interaction; other times it is a collectively individual experience.


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