An embodied sculptor, I work contextually and across media to create embodied installations and participatory experiences.

With an interest in how we move our bodies through time and space, my art invites change through embodiment. How do we connect, how do we encounter, what are our intentions and rhythms? Currently I am focused on developing spaces and experiences in which new rhythms and a lingering can occur. By working across materials to better underscore the ideas, spaces and audiences at hand, my intermedia art opens up a time and space in which to experience a shift in how we relate to one another, as well as to reconsider our human balance between the biosphere and the infosphere. Enmeshed in this approach is a challenge to the hegemony of time, and expectations thereof.

Through various combinations of video, sound, electronics, language, textiles, handcraft, sculptural objects and performative gesture, I construct unnatural environments and experiential situations wherein the audience can perceive and respond corporeally. Addressing the senses and other physical response systems of our bodies, I bring forth materially in art what is typically considered invisible, such as air, breath, sound, energetic fields, time, change.



Original (Sketch) Audio Score for Everything in Life is Vibration–Albert Einstein (2021). Composed from audio recordings made by Charity Be, as well as found sounds. Currently being revised in 2023 to rely more specifically on originally composed and recorded material.