Everything in Life is Vibration–Albert Einstein (Composed Sculpture, Experience.01)

Merging art and science, technology and performance, Everything in Life is Vibration—Albert Einstein is a composed sculpture experience with an open score that allows us to explore the relationship of magnetic fields in our personal and collective corporeal interactions. Wearing artist-designed and handcrafted magnetic devices, this work uses audio and visual scores to suggestively guide a group of people though a series of prompts that they are invited to freely interpret through movement and inter/actions. These prompts are designed to help deepen awareness of both one’s own bodily magnetic fields, as well as the magnetic fields of other bodies.

Wearing handcrafted magnet-embedded armbands, leg-bands and gloves, the participating performers are first given opportunity to explore the magnetic fields of their own bodies in a prepared space. This entry point develops into exploring the magnetic fields between their body and that of another subject-body, first through their hands facing palm to palm, and then through other limbs.

Bodies couple, slither, click, spin, and transfer, and as their familiarity and curiosity builds, the movements begin to reflect a melodic narrative, in keeping with the science of gravitational fields. Both the audio and visual score and the verb-based prompts suggest qualities for inhabiting their bodies in space. These movements, over time, begin to synchronize with the rhythms of the other participants in the space in interesting and often unexpected ways, thus informing the narrative flow uniquely with each rendition.


My fascination with magnetic fields has many layers and is in part cultivated by the belief that we might alter or influence our individual physical well being through interaction with and manipulation of magnetic fields. This led to the question of whether we might also do this consciously and collectively?